Stop paying the inflated
5%-6% Real Estate Commission

Save Thousands With NOBS Realty
Reduced Full Service Listing Commission.

Selling 1.5% Listing Fee

Total Commission 3% 
(Split between listing office & selling office)

The nationwide real estate commission is approximate 6% and typically paid by the seller. In most cases the commission will be split 50/50 in between the Listing office and selling office. 

Today you see more websites offering you the ability to check real estate listed for sale. In many cases, you must register, and the company will refer you to an agent/brokerage firm. In doing so, the referring company will receive a referral fee up to 35%.  

Instead of paying a third-party monthly advertisement or referral fee, we have decided to reduce our listing fees to SAVE YOU thousands of dollars. If you want to offer the selling side a higher percentage feel free to do so.

List Your  Home For Only 1.50% – Listing Fee

  • ​Includes ALL TRADITIONAL Real Estate Services
  • Sellers Save Thousands with our 1.5% Full-Service Listing-Side Fee
  • This is NOT a discounted service model.
  • This is Not For Sale By Owner
  • We deliver full service at a reduced list fee
  • Includes all traditional real estate services plus some non-traditional
  • Your home will be listed in the MLS
  • Our listings are syndicated to thousands of websites including Zillow, Trulia,, etc.
  • Drone Tour
  • We aggressively market with highly effective media
  • Provide Professional Signage 24×36
  • Quality Photos
  • Website landing page
  • Negotiate the contract
  • Manage the transaction through offer, inspections, and appraisal all the way through closing
  • Risk-Free Listing Agreement Cancellation Guarantee if you are not completely happy
  • Why would you pay more?
Why would you pay more?

HOW CAN WE DO IT FOR ONLY 1.50%?  We are a non-traditional company, allowing agents to be more flexible and creative in our approach to representing you, while providing valuable benefits you will not find elsewhere. Modern technology creates powerful efficiency allowing us to work smarter and faster to provide full real estate services. 98% of buyers now start their home search with online services. Your property will be significantly advertised on the internet where the buyers are.   Plus it creates an incentive to sell your home, not just list it. As you may have found, all companies sell homes in every neighborhood at every price range, so why not save some of your hard earned equity?  All companies are basically using the same tools.